‘Peppermint Swirl’ – Hands Free Rope Leash


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Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple tasks while walking your dog. This leash is a mix of comfort and freedom, offering a solution for busy individuals, runners, hikers, and anyone who needs their hands free.

It is adjustable to your shoulder, waist or used as a regular leash.

When you use it as a regular leash, you can make a handle by clipping to the O-rings.You can also walk two dogs and form a handle with a simple knot in the centre.


1/2″ thick and 7.5 ft length
2 O rings that can be adjusted to your measures
light gold hardware
Organic cotton rope and natural dyes

Hand wash only. Spot clean with soap and water. Hang to dry.


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‘Peppermint Swirl’ – Hands Free Rope Leash